Privacy Policy

  • Our company created the website to promote our services and serve our customers.
  • The data entered by the Customer during registration, are used for the purpose of serving orders only.
  • The Customer may choose to permanently delete his data.
  • Any sensitive data are not requested by the user of the website.
  • Our company complies with the law on personal data protection.
  • By entering the order / delivery details, the user consents to their use by our company for the purpose of serving orders.

Confidentiality and Security of Transactions

  • Our company protects all your data but is not responsible for any errors ​in transaction security.​
  • All data is stored on servers that ​adhere to all modern security measures.
  • Users’ data is kept for the purpose of serving orders only, providing the possibility of permanent ​account ​deletion and ​of ​data.​
  • Bank card details are not collected on our page but directly ​through the Bank after redirecting to a secure system of the Bank.